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An Original Adaptation of Saint-Exupéry's Timeless Masterpiece

Based on the timeless classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Aaron Randolph's masterful adaptation of The Little Prince tells the tale of The Aviator, who's plane crashes in the desert and, while working to rebuild his plane, encounters the curious Little Prince. The mysterious Prince tells The Aviator about his travels throughout the cosmos, and through his journeys, we begin to realize that perhaps The Aviator's real struggle is not the desert at all.

What the critics had to say:

"In these surrealist scenes, the show hits the golden mean. Kids laugh and cower before the larger-than-life characters while adults tune into the larger metaphors of growing up."

"it's the rare piece of theatre that allows you the chance to take from it what you need"


2020: Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

2019: QC Theatre Workshop; Beverly Arts Center, Chicago; Coralville Performing Arts Center; St Ambrose Univerisity


A riveting stream of consciousness piece about a veteran returning home to a world he no longer recognizes

Developed over the course of 3 years through interviews with veterans, their families and mental health professionals, A Green River tells the story of Eric White, a young man struggling with PTSD after multiple deployments. 

What the critics had to say:

"A powerful, profound play by Davenport's Aaron Randolph III about war, post-traumatic stress and the arc of a man's life."

"As a rule, I don’t give standing ovations. However, on Friday evening, I gave one of the most honest standing ovations of my life at A Green River... The show could have flown across a London sky via umbrella, because it was practically perfect."


2019: Mississippi Bend Players

2015: Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival

2013: Augustana College, QC Theatre Workshop


A powerful drama based on the real stories of the survivors of human trafficking

Written based on interviews with the survivors of human trafficking, Broken tells the story of Allysa, a girl who runs away from home with her boyfriend and ends up in a situation where she has no one to turn to and no way to escape.

What the critics had to say:

"Broken is a very tough play to watch. Yet it has sprinkles of lightness and humor that had the opening-night audience laughing out loud at several points throughout."


2016: QC Theatre Workshop

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